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Self-care when you’re ill…

I'm chronically ill and I know at the moment there is no cure so basically I'm never 100% well. I have no idea what it's like to be a healthy 23 year old and honestly I'm find with that. I've accepted my condition and found ways to cope. Yet there is still a small and… Continue reading Self-care when you’re ill…

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Back at it again…

So after 2 years of working throughout a global pandemic I'm back to blogging. I honestly, can't remember half the thing that have happened in my life the past two years. Moving back home from uni, then working in a Pre-School... Then lockdown school closures, getting my contract paused with no pay and back to… Continue reading Back at it again…

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Why do we love the virtual world?

Why do so many people want to spend all day living their normal lives then get on a game and basically do the same thing virtually? The whole concept of both these games simply reflect real-life; you even have to get a job in The Sims to make money and in Animal Crossing you work in… Continue reading Why do we love the virtual world?

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Why I need to care more about climate change

The U.K. recently went through a period of unusually warm weather. Spring appeared to have come much too early. The cherry blossom is blooming and the sun was brightly shining. On first glance, it would have simply looked like a beautiful first spring day, but it wasn't spring, it was February. I couldn't shake this… Continue reading Why I need to care more about climate change

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An Honest Uni Reflection

The past few months have felt a little strange. Things have felt super rushed but at the same time really slow. My exams fall after Christmas and last for a two week period. Then it's straight into new modules. So there's not much breathing room between exams and modules. I honestly feel I haven't had… Continue reading An Honest Uni Reflection