The Start

I’m starting this blog as a platform for sharing my arts and craft projects. My love of all things crafty started when I was young, I spent hours of my childhood making things from leftover scraps and general junk. I used to bring my finished pieces into nursery and school and proudly show off my junk models to my teachers and class. I wish I had a record of all things I made back then. Of course, I have a few photos of me with my masterpieces and mum has kept some of them in the memory box but I would have loved to have had a clear record of all my mini achievements, that I used to be so proud of.

That’s partly why I have to decided to make this blog, as a record of the slightly more advanced arts and crafts that I do now (emphasis on the slightly). I don’t know if this blog will ever be noticed by anyone apart from myself but it’ll be nice to have a record to look back on. My posts will be mainly about my scrapbooking, knitting, colouring and drawing. I will share my progress with current projects as well as showing you finished pieces and projects.

I look forward to entering this blogging journey and sharing my art and crafts!

Lots of love,


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