Travel Scrapbook: Front Page

I started my scrapbook back in May and today I have finished the first section all about my visit to New York in 2013; wow that seems like ages ago! I got the scrapbook from Amazon and was sold by Paperchase, it is a brown cardboard design with a black ribbon to close the scrapbook. It looks high quality and has a lovely vintage feel to it. In this post I’m just showing the front page and will show the New York section in my next post (I didn’t want to make the post ridiculously long).


The Front Cover

The background of the front cover has been done with oil based paint I used dark blues , yellows and peaches to create a kind of ombre effect for the background. I also stuck on decorative paper that I had from a long time ago and I coloured this in with pastels and the peach coloured paint so it fitted nicely with the background.

Then, I added the title written in gold marker on a separate piece of paper and cut it out with wavy children’s scissors ,which are from my childhood crafting days. The wavy scissors left a nice effect and made it look slightly like a ticket which was a happy accident. For the title of the scrapbook decided on ‘explore’ because I felt it summed the theme up quite nicely.

The Photos on the front are of the Colosseum in Rome; A canal bridge in Amsterdam and a park in Prague. These were ordered from ‘Odd Prints’ this is a website that I highly recommend for scrapbooking as you can print any size of photo you want. This is really useful when trying to fit quite a few photos on one page. The cost of printing isn’t too pricey either which is an added bonus, also it lets you download the altered sized photos to your device for free and print them off yourself if you want.

I finished off the page with a couple of train tickets and decorative leaf skeletons that I had in my craft box. I then added a travel quote from one of my favourite John Green books: Looking for Alaska: “I go to seek a great perhaps!” Which again I cut out with the children’s wavy scissors. I’m really pleased with the way the page turned out I was really worried at first that I would make a mistake and inevitably have to bin the whole thing because I couldn’t bare to have a front page that had a mistake on it, luckily that didn’t happen!

Anyways thats about it, to finish I leave you with my three small tips for starting a scrapbook:

  1. Think of theme before you start. I think it is a good idea for your theme to be quite broad that can cover a lot of things as there are lots of pages to fill!
  2. Collect all your supplies that you need before you start, try to use things you already have such as: tickets, old maps, left over ribbon and bits of paper. Rather than going out to a craft store and spending loads of money before actually looking to see what you already have.
  3. Find some inspiration. It can be really difficult to start without looking at what other people have done and what you can do when scrapbooking. Pinterest is definitely a great place to look for ideas, as well as google images and peoples blog posts.

Happy Scrapbooking!

Lots of Love,

Ella xxx


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