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“I’m an Outdoor Person”

Being an ‘outdoor-person’ is something I didn’t really ever consider myself to be. My ideal weekend was spent in bed on Netflix or inside literally doing nothing. In some ways it still is. But when you spend a whole weekend with no acomplishements to show apart from uni work (which you kind of have to do). I started feeling slightly disappointed in myself. Precious free time gone with nothing to show.

I didn’t have a moment when I became, set on self-improvement ready to change my life, run everyday and climb a mountain every week. I just joined a gardening society with my friends. It gave us an excuse to leave the house other, than going to just got to the shops or for the occasional night out.

Being outside is actually linked to improved mental health, here’s a link to some research: Stanford Research

I knew, it was good for you, actually sepending time in nature, but always ingnored the idea thinking that “the benefits can’t be that great otherwise why does doing nothing feel so good?”. Doing nothing still feels good, but having time to work in a community garden and see its progress feels better.

Can anyone else relate?

Thanks for Reading,

Ella xxx

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