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Pumpkin Carving Done

If you saw my Pumpkin Carving Ready post, here’s the completed 6. A sad update to report one got stolen while we were out, (1 slightly heart broken house-mate). Other than that though it went pretty well. We had fun doing it together before a night out.

goodbye pumpkin
Stolen pumpkin on the right.
Tip: get a big bowl or dish to attempt to collect the pumpkin insides

We used LED lights from the supermarket instead of candles. Candles would have just blown out. Maybe that’s why we’re a pumpkin down, people wanted the lights. Still it was worth it for how funny it was to find one missing. Where’s the pumpkin? Who knows? I hope it’s living its best life.

I think pumpkin carving is so much fun, even if you’re not a halloween fan it’s still fun to give it ago.

Thanks for reading,
Ella xxx

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