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Knitted Mittens

How do I spend half my summer? Knitting for winter obviously.

Everyone thinks Knitting is a great activity for Winter which obviously it is (cheap homemade christmas gifts), but why not spend some of summer doing it so you have the creations ready for the Winter? It worked well for me anyway.


This is the finished pair! I’m in no way taking credit for the Pattern (definetly not skilled enough to make a pattern), I used this YouTube tutorial: Tutorial (Part 1)

It has Part 1 and 2 which is great because it splits it up into two sections (does require a lot of pausing though, but it’s an fantastic free pattern and tutorial!)

The tutorial was for straight needles which is great because I haven’t got any circle needles yet, I want to try to watch some more tutorials on which needles are the best to buy. Make sure to convert the needle sizes to UK if you need to.

If you’ve never tried knitting there’s lots of ways to learn; you can self-teach online or join a local knitting group for beginners classes (if you’d like more focused support).

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Ella xxx

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