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Underground Trampolining

Trampoline parks have become really popular in the UK recently, I’ve been to quite a few with my family; Bounce Below isn’t really like anything like your average trampoline park. It is essentially an underground trampoline maze (with slides). It’s not too far from my uni and I’ve been wanting to go for ages and finally got round to it when my younger brother came to visit.

Inside Bounce Below

It is situated in an old mine, underground in North Wales. It is a complex of trampoline nets and slides. It’s a really unique experience bouncing on a trampoline, then looking down and seeing a huge drop to the bottom of a cave. It’s definitely not for you if you’re scared of heights. The inside is also quite dark, with coloured lights to create a dramatic atmosphere, so if you’re partially sighted it may not be suitable either unfortuantly.

The drive down was also amazing it’s in such a beautiful place, unfortunately we were pushed for time so couldn’t stop and get photos, but I tried to get some nice shots just from the car window.

Journey Views

It’s quite expensive £25 for an adult ticket but in my opinion it’s worth it because its such a unique experience, I can’t really compare it to anything I’ve done before. I’m really thankful that I got to go.

So if you ever find yourself in North Wales and this sounds like your thing I’d recommend it!

Here’s a link to Bounce Below’s Website

Just wanted to do a little update of what I’ve been up to the past few days (apart from revision for midterms).

Hope you liked the post! What’s something new you’ve expereinced recently?

-Ella xxx

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