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Finding a new house…

Unexpected things happen all the time, things don’t always go as planned. Usually, I’m quite adaptable when it comes to change, but finding a new house is going to be a change that I struggle with.

Basically, the student house I’m living in this year won’t be available for next year, because one of my housemates is finding somewhere else to live.  She may be doing a work-experience year, therefore may not be in the area. She’s going out into the world, to live her best life (so no hard feelings).

Although I’m slightly heartbroken that I’ll have to leave my current house sooner than expected. I know that there’s nothing that can be done and it’s time to find somewhere new to live…

Houses in my universities area go really quickly because it’s such a small area. So we have to start looking now. This time around we want somewhere a bit cheaper. We have all learnt the hard way that when you sign the contract in rush (without looking at how the instalments are paid) the costs hit hard. We’ve decided to approach the hunt differently this time…

Things We’re Doing Differently:

  • Getting an exact breakdown of the instalment payments (asking exactly how much and when we have to pay). I really can’t believe we didn’t do this last time but we were naive first-years who were destined to make some big mistakes.
  • Trying to find properties that don’t have a summer retainer (having to pay half rent over summer), because this really adds up. Houses without a summer retainer are hard to find but they do exist!
  • Comparing prices really carefully so we find the best value property (taking into consideration if bills are included or not).
  • Having an open-mind: this time we’re considering sharing with a group of other students if necessary, or moving back into student halls.
  • Finding somewhere with a low deposit. Money is tight for us, mainly because our rent is quite high now, so we need a house with a low deposit.
  • Taking our time, making informed decisions and not rushing into anything!

We’ve already been to a few viewings which is good. However, we’re struggling to put a deposit down immediately, because we didn’t expect to find ourselves in this position. We’re going to have to wait until after Christmas before we can realistically find somewhere and pay the deposit. Meanwhile, houses are being rented out and taken off the market. So it’s become quite stressful and upsetting at times for us all.

Anyway, enough with the negativity (just needed a bit of a self-pity moment), in reality everything will turn out fine, we’ll find somewhere new and have a whole new house to experience! I really need to try to stay positive about the whole thing!

I hope someone has found this post useful or insightful. If you know anyone who’s looking to rent a student house or a regular house, maybe share with them some of my advice. I really wish I had it when I was looking first time around!

Thank you for reading!

– Ella xxx

4 thoughts on “Finding a new house…”

    1. The landlord wanted us to find someone else and get them sign the contract in just one week. Which we couldn’t do so we have to find soemwhere else. The house has to be let with all of the six rooms filled.


      1. It really is! We have registered a complaint with our universities Housing Office. It’s been registered and we are still waiting on a response.

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