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Finding Your Inner Creativity

I believe that everyone is born an artist, it’s just we all have different styles of expression. Often, creativity becomes discouraged as you’re growing up parents or teachers may make comments like “that drawing doesn’t look like me” or “that model doesn’t look like a plane”, that although may seem perfectly harmless, it can discourage children from trying to draw or model-make in the future.

I believe everyone has felt discouraged creatively at some point, whether it’s due to other people’s or your own criticism. I’ve heard people say thing like “i can’t draw, act, sing e.c.t” and I simply think it’s not true. If people were give a space and opportunity to explore their creativity freely and without judgement, they’d be shocked when they saw what they could truly do.

How can we get back to being our creative self? Well, lets first stop with the judgement and comparisons to others. For example, if you try to sketch something new for the first time, don’t let your first reaction be “it looks awful” or “no one elses would look this bad”. Try to look at your work and think “wow I tried something new and I had fun while doing it”. This isn’t to say  that you can’t think “next time I could change this aspect to make it even better” because that’s important and adds to progression, just don’t get discouraged if it didn’t quite turn out the way you expected the first time.

It can be really difficult to know where to start creatively especially if you’ve been discouraged or discouraged yourself in the past. So, I’ve thought of a few tips to help get started:

  • Think about how you’d like to be creative. Would you like to create a video, scrapbook, sketch, poem, painting? Then just get stuck in; practice, brainstorm and create!
  • Get inspired: read blogs, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, go out into nature, visit a museum or art gallery. This will help spark your creativity which will make it easier to get started.
  • Set time aside each week for creativity, dedicating a specific time will encourage you to not neglect creativity but to really explore it.
  • Try having some offline time, putting your phone and laptop away for even just an hour can allow you to have time to think, calm your mind and get into a creative zone.

But, why bother doing any of this? Is it just a bit of a waste of time? I really don’t think being creative is ever really a waste of time. Psychotherapists’ suggest that the benefits of creativity include: stress-relief, increased ability to problem solve and better self-awareness and self-expression. There is even a whole field of psychology known as ‘Art Therapy’ that uses creativity and expression to help people suffering from mental health problems. Taking care of your mental health is never wasting time, creativity is in my opinion a form of self-care.

I hope we move towards a more creative way of living and we eventually live in a world where no one ever feels discouraged creatively.

Thank you for reading,

Ella xxx


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