Abstract Flowers

I suffer from episodes of insomnia fairly regularly, one night when I was completely unable to sleep instead of restlessly lying in bed, I got up and started to draw. I’ve never done this before but I hoped it would help me fall asleep. I didn’t start with a plan in mind I just picked up the pencil and started sketching. This was the result:


I was shocked by how well it went considering it was done at around 4 in the morning while I was a half awake. I think there must be some sort of link between sleep deprivation and enhanced creativity. At 4 am I wasn’t bothered how the drawing would turn out, so I wasn’t trying to make it look like any particular flower which allowed me to just try different things.

The following day I started and completed this similar abstract style of drawing. I don’t know why I decided to use yellow paper, I just thought it would look nice in my uni room.


I enjoyed experimenting with the shading in both pieces of work, It’s definitely a skill I’d like to develop maybe just not at 4am again. Although ,the drawing did make me feel sleepy and help me fall back asleep, so maybe I will be trying that again at 4am.

Hope you enjoyed the post,

Ella xxx


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