Trying out Cross-Stitch

I recently got the opportunity to try Cross-Stitch for the first time at my Universiy’s Craft Society. I was excited to give it a go, I’d seen some beautiful designs on Pinterest and really wanted to try it out for myself. I figured it couldn’t be too hard it’s only sewing little crosses right?

I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cross-Stitch is very skilled and time-consuming and is the most frustrating craft I’ve ever done. I stuggled with it a lot. It also didn’t help that the needles they provided had the tiniest eye that I’d ever seen. I honestly spent what felt like hours trying to thread the needle. The end result was half good, half bad (literally).

It took be at least an hour just to create this tiny thing…


The back is supposed to look like this right?


It’s always good to try somethign new and I’m glad I tried it but I honestly don’t think I have the patience for this craft. Maybe with a little more instruction I’d have done a better job. I wouldn’t not try it again and with a bit of practice I’m sure I’d get better, then find it relaxing not stressful. I’ll probably just stick to knitting for now though.

Ella xxx



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