Pandora Jewellery Collection

So, I’m a massive Pandora fan. It all started when my friend’s all chipped in to buy me one of their charm bracelets. Since, then I got a bit Pandora obsessed and I’ve slowly built up a little bit of a collection. Pandora produce really lovely, personalised jewellery at a range of different price points. I thought I’d share some of the products I have and love.


Forget Me Not Ring: I love this ring and I managed to get it on sale, it has purple stones in the middle of each flower and it’s super sparkly.

May Birthstone Ring and Bubble Stacking Ring: The birthstone ring and the bubble ring were both birthday presents, one from my friends and one from my family, I love how they look together and wear these nearly everyday.

Bracelet and Charms: 

My bracelet has two blue clips these are to stop the charms moving around and to keep them all at the front. I have the unicorn charm, mermaid charm (this is exclusively sold in Copenhagen I got it when I visited), Floral Cut-Out, 18th Birthday charm (this is the charm that my friends gave me with the bracelet) and lastly the friends forever butterfly. This is one that clips together with another charm, my friend has the other half on her bracelet.

Here’s a few pictures of the charms up close:


Hope you enjoyed the post.

Ella xxx

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