What is a Successful Life? 

It’s strange the amount of expectation that are forced on us right from the start. It seems that in the west at least, success is measured by income and occupation. Success seems to be associated with wealth, resources and power. Our view of success is rarely associated with happiness, quality of relationships and well-being. In my opinion our perception of success is heavily influenced by the capitalist society in which we live. Success become equivalent with making money.

Re-defining Success

I don’t believe that success should be associated with money. I think success is measured in the quality of your life. A successful life is one in which a person enjoys living. They have found purpose in their life and are surrounded by people who bring them joy. They push to be the best person they can be and aim to make the world a better place. It doesn’t mater to me whether they earn a lot of money or a little. If they are living a life they love and bringing good into the world that to me is success.

Defining Your Own Success

Other people shouldn’t define your success. Success should be purely intrinsic. a individual, measures their own success and decides their own purpose in life. Other people’s ideas and expectations of what you should be doing to be successful don’t matter. You have to do you!

When, I was leaving school it was expected of me that I would follow the academic route to university by completing A-Levels. So, I started them and knew it wasn’t for me, I quit to do a Childcare course. I think some people thought I was making a big mistake but I did what I wanted to do. I still made it to University and learnt so much doing Childcare and became a qualified Early Year’s Practitioner. I defined my own success and took my own path to find it.

Everyone’s definition of success should be different. Maybe one person’s idea of success is having a high earning job or setting up a multi-million pound business. Maybe another person’s is working less and having just enough to get by, so they can focus on their passions. Both people are successful in their own right because they are following their own purpose and creating a life that they enjoy living.

It’s time we stopped viewing success in just a one-dimensional way and stop comparing one person’s success to another. They are not and never should be comparable.

Thank you for reading,

Ella xxx

3 thoughts on “What is a Successful Life? ”

  1. Hi,
    happy to read. Useful to others, is your good contribution towards better conduct of people for living happily on the planet. Benefited as well, how to pass happy moments even withoyt money. Issue is too common in parts of wolrd particularly western, where people have money, pleasures to enjoy precious moments is rare. Again Thanks

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