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Cheap/Free Things to do This Season

So this time of year is really, really expensive. Presents, decorations, food, entertainment it all really racks up. I hate to say it but I am a slightly materialistic person. I love going out and doing lots of different things. But, the fact is this personality type mixed with student life just doesn’t work. You have to spend, thinking of the long-term not just to get to the next month. In the UK (not sure what it’s like in other places) our student loan is paid out three times a year in instalments in September, January then April. So, students coming to the end of their first loan pay out now and it can be a really tough time for some student financially.

However, this doesn’t stop us having a nice time and making the most of things. I’ve put together a short list of things you can do (whether you’re a student or not) that are a lot of fun and either free or cheap.

Winter Walks: there’s something really special about going out wrapped up warm in hat and scarf on a winters morning or evening. It’s lovely to be able to see the ever-greens and all the different shaped branches from trees that do lose their leaves. You can get some lovely photo’s too.

Here’s a Photo I took on a Walk on my Phone

Poundland (or Dollar Store if you’re American) Crafts: just looking on Pinterest can point you in the direction of loads of cheap christmas crafts to try out. Me and my friends are doing one next week (I’ll share the results) and splitting the cost of materials so it’ll work out even cheaper!

Secret Santa: to save money on gifts for friends why not do a secret santa instead of buying individual gifts? I’m doing it this year and I did it last year. We set a price limit of £5, but you can decide to make the price lower or higher, or not have one at all. Either way you save a lot of money and everyone still gets a gift.

Have a Christmas Film Night: get a few friends together pick out your favourite Christmas Films or maybe Christmas TV Specials and have a bit of a movie marathon. Hot chocolate, blankets and fluffy socks are compulsory!

Winter Themed Sketching: take inspiration from the season and turn it into art! Even if drawing isn’t your thing why not just give it a go. Follow a tutorial or just do some doodling, Maybe even have a bit of a contest with your friends for the best Christmas Drawing.

I really hope everyone has an amazing December and hope you’ve found a bit of inspiration from this!

Ella xxx

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    1. Thank you! You should definitely do one, me and my friends are doing our’s this Tuesday. Love Actually and Elf are on the list so far! xxx

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