Fake Christmas: The best fake day of the year!

December 6th. Today is to me and my friends now and forever, Fake Christmas. This is the second year we’ve celebrated it. This probably sounds a bit strange, why do you need fake christmas in the same month of actual christmas? We’ll it’s because I’m at university and me and my friends all leave for christmas, so we have our own mini Christmas before we leave. Yes, we are only away for three weeks but that feels like a lot when you live with a group of people and then suddenly you don’t.

It’s basically just a christmas meal with secret santa gift opening with our own tradition of a Fake Christmas Day walk. We’ve just all decided that it should happen on the same day each year. We even made a really low-budget, centrepiece.  The original one was a LED candle in a cute star that we found a while ago in a charity shop with glitter and broken-up polystyrene . The centrepiece then changed to a miniature cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles (my friend’s secret santa gift). Which is better? You decied.


My secret santa gift is below, I love it and so thankful! It’s a ring holder in the shape of a cactus. I’m obsessed with cacti, I have 3 mini ones at home and quite a few cacti themed pieces of clothing. Unfortunately, no cactus costume as yet… ( don’t worry I’ll work on it).

Finally here’s a little collection of photo’s I took on my walk. We went through my Universities Art Centre on the way back to use the lift so I guess we kind of cheated… (but look how pretty it looked)


Thanks for reading this little diary like post! It is meant to be an art one today but it’s only fake Christmas once a year, so I’m posting my art one tomorrow instead!

Merry Fake Christmas!

Ella xxx

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