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Easy Emerald Green Scarves

So, I’ve finished two emerald-green scarfs ready for Christmas, one for my sister and one for her girlfriend (so they can have matching scarfs and be cute). They are in the lovely emerald-green colour because it’s my sister’s favourite colour and both our birthstones colour (we’re twins!). Naturally, I had to try one on…


They’re both surprise presents, luckily they both don’t really look at my blog, so unless my sister decides to spontaneously read my blog then it should be okay. Annie and Octavia if you’re reading this before Christmas sorry for ruining the surprise. Also sorry I tried it on and wore it around for a bit, I needed to check it was long and comfy enough.

Yeah so, the photo’s aren’t the best, my uni room has really poor lighting and it was dark. It’s sometimes it’s hard to fit in photo taking in the day on weekdays.

I used two skeins of yarn on each scarf, (I used two yarns at once for thickness, otherwise it would be one).

I used UK Size 5.5mm needles, don’t forget to convert to US sizes if you need too.

The yarn was super cheap, I can’t exactly remember I think it was around £3-4 for a packet of 4 yarns. Unfortunately I can’t put a link because it was a ‘special buy’ at Aldi, so it was only available for a limited time.

So here’s how it was made:

I didn’t follow a pattern I just simply:

  • Casted on 25 stitches and knitted. The stitch is called ‘Garter Stitch’ and is simply knit all stitches ‘Knit Wise’ (Knit Stitch).
  • Casted off
  • Weaved in the ends.

As mentioned, slightly challenging thing I did is use two yarns at once for extra thickness. This is optional though. If you’re a beginner to knitting this is a great first project, because you only need to know casting on, off and the basic knit stitch. It’s also great because you can leave it and take a break if you need to then come back to it and not forget what stitch you are on.

If you don’t to knit none of that probably made any sense yet…

But, this would also be a great very first project to work towards! If you’re looking to self-teach I recommend the website Studio Knit. There’s a YouTube channel to complement the instructions, with a beginners playlist that will take you through, casting on, the knit stitch and casting off.

Hope you liked the post,

Ella xxx


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