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Unique Blogger Award Nomination

It means so much to me that I’m connecting with the blogging community! It’s such a lovely place of positivity and insight!

I’m go grateful that Emily nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award! She’s a really talented makeup artist with beautiful tutorials, hauls, reviews and she’s doing Blogmas! I really admire her dedication to her art.

Here’s the award rules:

  1. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
  2. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
  4. Ask 3 questions

Here’s Emily’s Questions for me: 

What first impression do you hope you leave people with?

That I’m passionate and friendly! Also, that I really care about our world and the wonderful people in it!

You have $150 dollars (USD, but convert if you don’t use USD :)) to spend anywhere. Where would you spend it and what would you get?

So, $150 is £112. If I had to spend it not save it. It would be on some Monica Vinader Jewellery, I’m pretty obsessed with it.

Weirdest run-in you’ve had with someone?

Oh god, I’ve had way to many awkward moments. So, that’s where my mind goes. I recently walked in to a seminar, knocked over someones coffee, cleaned it with toilet roll then had to do a presentation. Not, the best start but what can you do?

My Nominations:

Sadie the wallflower

Girl With The Paw Print Tattoo

Lizzie: Learning to Live Struggling to Thrive 

Leila: O.K. look, here’s the deal.

LauraMay: Blossom in May  (her blog is just getting started, she’s my friend and features in some of my posts). She’s just starting out and I know her posts will be really unique!

Jamie: don’t give a jam

Mackenzie: lifewithanilness

Mackenzie was in my last Award Nomination too, I loved her post and her nominations.

Victoria- Re-imagining Warrington.

My Questions: 

What’s something you love about yourself?

Favourite Music?

What impact do you hope your blog has?

I know awards aren’t every bloggers thing but it’s so lovely to recognise and share bloggers we love!

Thanks again to Emily for my nomination! p.s. sorry it took so long for me to write only just finished assignments!

Don’t forget to check out her post: here!

-My Social Media-

I created the feature image on my Polyvore, feel free to use it if you want, or make your own!

Here’s my very new Twitter: @craftupyourlife


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