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Home for Christmas

Today’s my first proper day back home (spent much of last night travelling down, then going out with friends in the evening). It feels so lovely to be back, surrounded by my family. It can get hard at university being away from your support system, home-sickness is real and completely normal!

Things have been hectic at home lately, but my mum has decorated the tree and my living room so beautifully that I just wanted to document this day really.

Here’s some of the crafts I made while training to be an Early Years Practitioner that have made a feature:

Here’s our artificial tree we’ve had since I was a child (I’ve never actually had a real one):

Here’s my little re-arrangement and display:

I’d like to say a huge thank you for your support on my last post! The blogging community is amazing and beautifully supportive! I hope you’re all having an amazing festive period.

Sending you Christmas Cheer from my house to yours!


27 thoughts on “Home for Christmas”

      1. That must be hard, have you ever tried digitally designing things for fun? Polyvore is something I use a lot


      2. You could give Polyvore a go it’s easy to use once you get used to it! you must be pretty computer savvy if you’ve made yourself a blog!


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