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Introducing the Keela Cup

Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is going to be a interview style post featuring someone I reached out to on Twitter called Jane. She’s a hairdresser-turned-inventor of The Keela Cup. A menstrual cup designed to be inclusive and easy to use. (I just want to point out that I asked to write this post and I’m not affiliated in any way. I think this is an amazing product and I wanted to share it with you). Jane, like me has EDS and has develop an amazing and inclusive product. So here’s all about it…

Image: Keela Cup’s Kickstarter

Here’s how her story began in her own words:

I was recently diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, (hypermobility type), after years of trying to remedy a “bad back” but really having a “bad” everything. I have been licensed as a hairdresser for 6 years now, and I have worked in salons for nearly the past 10 years. In my last year of working, I had cut down to less than 10 hours per week, but still couldn’t hang. At this point, my shoulders, hips and SI would not stay in place, and I was in nauseating pain. I was working every other day, and spending my off days completely laid up. Right around the time of my diagnosis, I had a big realization that I wouldn’t be able to keep doing hair. Everything felt so frustrating to me. I remember swearing in my bathroom trying to remove my menstrual cup, and crying in frustration that so many things that used to be easy for me were now so much harder.

This is when Andy popped into my brain. I have known Andy for about a decade. He is a part of a friend group that I met through my older brother, and he also came to see me for haircuts. I knew that he was an inventor, and we had rallied some ideas back and forth in my chair in the past. I told him I wanted to make menstrual cups easier to use, and he excitedly jumped on board.

How is the Keela Cup Easier to use? 

What makes our cup work so much better is the string that Andy added to the cup. We’ve molded the cup and pull string stem entirely out of 1 piece of silicone, and developed a water tight seal at the bottom that the pull string threads through. The bell shape helps it open easily when placed inside to prevent leaks, and the faceted base aids with grip so you can easily twist it into position for easier insertion.

I asked Jane, what are the best reasons for using a Menstrual Cup and more specifically The Keela Cup?

Menstrual cups are more cost efficient, because they are reusable and can last for several years. They can also be worn for up to 12 hours at a time, meaning you only have to change it twice a day and have a much lower risk for TSS. In contrast to tampons, cups don’t dry you out by wicking away the natural moisture in your body. Additionally, disposables can contain harmful chemicals that we should avoid placing in/near such sensitive areas. Also, every tampon and pad you have ever used is just sitting in a landfill somewhere. They really aren’t that great for our bodies or our planet.

Up until now, cups have been sort of a fringe solution used mostly by people who are really comfortable with their bodies, able-bodied and willing to overcome the learning curve of application and removal.

“Keela Cup broadens access to the amazing benefits of reusable products by making it so much easier and familiar to use”.

Think this an amazing design too? Here’s how Jane would like you to support her start-up.

Find us at  and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but especially don’t forget to drop by our Kickstarter to watch our demo video and show your support. Even if you don’t use period products, we have some great alternative rewards so you can show everyone that you support inclusive design:

Keela cup

Another way you can support is just by getting people talking about the product, the more awareness the better! My post is going straight to Twitter.

Bloggers are Influencers! We support, inspire and share with every post, like and Re-Tweet! If you’re a new reader, here is my post about EDS.

Here’s Jane’s Twitter: @keelacup 

Here’s Mine: @craftupyourlife






17 thoughts on “Introducing the Keela Cup”

    1. Haha, it’s still something I need 😂 I’ve never actually used a menstrual cup before but this one seems really good!


      1. Yeah it’s amazing how many products are out there now. It’s also good that it’s getting a lot more acceptable to talk about periods and women’s issues


      2. Yeah exactly, there is no point being embarrassed about anything really. Why does it really matter what other people think?

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