Visiting Local Galleries

Whether you’re interested in art or not visiting your art galleries is something that can really open up your mind. They’re designed to inspire, make you think and feel. Local Galleries often host smaller local creators, that you may not have heard of, so often make for a really unique day out.

I recently went with friends to a gallery opposite my University that we’ve been meaning to visit since we started University. It was completely free to get into, which is amazing! When do you ever get a completely free day out?

Main Exhibition

Within by John Meirion Morris. 

John Meirion Morris is a notable Welsh Sculpture, the ‘Within’ collection are a reflection of the artist’s imagination and visions. He describes the images he sculpts as originating in his subconscious. Describing them as “internal visions”.  I felt this collection reflected the innate and deeply personal aspect of art. It’s fascinating that we all have our unique creative expression that reflect a part of us as individuals.



Museum Exibitions 

In addition to the art gallery there was also a museum section, all about Welsh History. My university is in Wales, hence the Welsh theme to the gallery and museum.

Welsh Dress

I really liked the exhibition all about Welsh Dress, these dresses were the typical Welsh style of dresses worn in the 18th Century. By the 19th Century, Welsh women were encouraged to wear distinctive regional dress to attempt to revive Welsh culture. They were based off the below style of Welsh dress.


Finally, I had to write about the fun little activities in the Museum (yes maybe they’re for children but they’re fun okay!).

The Bardic Alphabet- basically you had to make a word using the Bardic Alphabet (an alphabet created in the 18th century). Guess what I wrote…

They also had loads of hats to try on and a giant photo frames around the exhibitions which were pretty cool for photos.

I’d really recommend visiting any of your local galleries, museums or areas of interest. It’s sometimes nice to do some touristy thing in your local area, also they often rely on local visitors and support, particularly during off-peak times.

Thank-you for reading and hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Ella xxx


Gallery Facebook Page- STORIEL

My Twitter-  @craftupyourlife


23 thoughts on “Visiting Local Galleries”

    1. Yeah sometimes you find somewhere really great. I didn’t really think that the gallery and museum that I visited would be as big as it was. It’s a lovely place couldn’t believe it was free to get into

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  1. Or by donation, which we are more than willing to do.
    A couple of the best museums we’ve been in was one in our capitol of Victoria, & another was in Juneau Alaska, when we did a cruise there & Juneau was one of the ports. We got off the touristy type area & found a beautiful little museum!
    Another was the Royal Tyrrell museum in Drumheller Alberta, all about the dinosaurs. Its right at the huge dig sites.

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    1. The dinosaur one sounds amazing, I once went to a museum that was also a archeology site, you got to see some of the archeologists working which was really interesting.

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  2. There is a museum in the city doing a Yayoi Kusama exhibition and I’m planning on going after the new year! I wish there were more local museums near me so I could check out local artists.

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    1. That sounds great! Yeah, I’m lucky to have places nearby I can go to. Even at home I’m near Liverpool so there’s loads I can go to. Sometimes it’s worth travelling a bit of there’s a good exhibition though

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