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What is Positive Blogging?

So I kind of wrote in my Twitter Bio that I’m passionate about positive blogging. I’m not sure if this is a thing or if I’ve just made it up. I just wasn’t too sure about what to write. I’m kind of a bit overwhelmed with social media and a bit out of the loop. I’ve literally only just learnt through Twitter that bblogger means beauty blogger and it’s not just a cool or different way of writing blogger (I wish this was just a joke).

Anyway, I just wanted to explain what positive blogging means to me:

  1. Making blogging my own experience. This is my little space of the internet, I make posts I enjoy writing I write them in my own way. Blogging helps me feel positive, I only ever write about things I’m passionate about or enjoy! I love that people follow my blogging journey and that I get to share a bit of me with the blogging community.
  2. Sharing information, tips, idea, products e.c.t. that I really genuinely believe could have a positive impact on others. I’ve always had strong integrity, I really wouldn’t ever share something on this blog that I didn’t believe could have a positive impact or help people.
  3. Supporting other people’s posts, thoughts, art, lifestyle e.c.t. I try to like, comment on posts that I feel have a positive impact on the world and the blogging community. Supporting others is so important and it’s easier than ever, there’s so many amazing blogs and people you can reach out online.
  4. Being honest, it’s easy to create an online presence that isn’t really reflective of everyday life. I try to post in a way that doesn’t create this over-exaggerated version of life. I actually think it’s important to document the everyday life. I’ve decied to no longer apologise if a photo isn’t great quality or a backgroud isn’t that nice, things don’t always look perfect and that’s fine.
  5. Leaving a post on a positive note. I could write a whole rant on a subject, but I want to leave the post with something slightly positive. I think its important to talk about issues that are far from positive but I want to leave a post having found something positive to end on. Honestly, there’s enough negativity to read out there, without a random 19-year-old with a blog adding to it.

Finally, a quick note about my Twitter, I tend not to tweet myself (I want to change this next year), I do put up the occasional blog post though. I kind of half made the account just to replace the sadly undeletable account I had when I was 13. It was basically just a dedicated Justin Bieber fan page that I’m still terrified of future employers finding, I mean wouldn’t you be?!

I like to re-tweet things that I feel have a positive impact, are creative or just funny. So if too much re-tweeting annoys you, it may not be something you’re interested in. I like my new twitter though, see I’m ending the post on a positive note.

Thanks for reading,

Ella xxx

Here’s the new, not Justin Bieber dedicated Twitter: @craftupyourlife

16 thoughts on “What is Positive Blogging?”

    1. Yeah I think it was one of those teenage obsessions. Still love Canadians though, I’ve got family from near Toronto and really want to visit one day!

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    1. Thank you, Hahah, I’ve had so much drama over the old account. I’ve emailed Twitter and they said there’s nothing they can do to take it down. It still comes up if you google my name

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  1. Haha “not Justin Bieber dedicated” 😂 I thought the exactly same about bblogger until a week or so ago, I felt so stupid! Talk about a light bulb moment. I personally love your Twitter 🙂 Happy New Year Ella x

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