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New Years Tag

I was tagged by Lizzie to do a new years tag, which is lovely because I wasn’t too sure what to write for new years and she’s given me some great questions to answer. So thank you so much for tagging me Lizzie. You can check out her original post here: Lizzie’s Tag Post.


My Answers: 

  1. The best thing that happened to me in 2017 was probably going on holiday with my uni friends for the first time, we went to Barcelona together in the summer. It’s a lovely city, and it was such a nice way to end our first year of university. Also, I can’t not mention getting back into blogging, I’ve actually had this blog since 2016 but only got back into it and took it more seriously around October of 2017. I’ve really rediscovered a love for writing, I also love how creative blogging can be and reading other people’s post from all over the world.

    Taken at Park Guell, Barcelona

2. One of the hardest thing for me this year has been seeing my Granny’s health decline. She’s been in and out of hospital, which has been really difficult for me especially as when I’m at uni I can’t see her that often. It’s also been stressful for the whole family, coming home from uni feels slightly different than it used to, things feel different. The positive is Granny is home now where she is comfortable. I’ve learnt that change is inevitable and I need to accept it. I don’t know what the future will bring but I’m learning to just live in the present, and thing one day at a time.

3. Probably my biggest accomplishment was getting a first over all in my degree and making the honour roll. I’m not sure how this year will go but getting that in my felt pretty great, especially as I’d never studied Psychology before.

4. I’ve learnt that I don’t want to take life to seriously and to just try to enjoy thing and find the fun side of a situation. I’ve also learnt that you should just put yourself out there, last year I joined no societies at uni, because I was scared it would be awkward and hate the whole experience. This year, I went to a lot more taster sessions, I’m now a committee member for one of them, which has given me some great experiences and given me something to do.

I’m the committee member for the horticultural society, this is the little garden we help upkeep.

5.  This year I want to focus on tackling my procrastination, I say this every year and it never works. Leaving assignments has put me under so much stress last year, so hopefully that can motivate me to me more on top of things. I also want to learn to stop worrying and to learn to live more in the present.

6. I don’t really have one set goal but by the end of 2018, I hope I can look back at loads of happy memories and amazing moments. I want to be able to look back at the year and be happy with what I’ve done and achieved.

Thanks again to Lizzie for nominating me and for giving me such great questions to answer! It was a lovely way to reflect on the year.

I’ve decided, that because I’ve left this so close to new years (I’ve been a bit busy with revising for exams), that I just want to open this tag up to anyone who wants to do it. A lot of you guys might have, already done your new years post or have other stuff going on, so I just want to leave it open.

Hope you’re okay with this Lizzie!

Here’s the rules if you would like to do it:

Use the tag image Lizzie created!

Link the blogger who created the tag (Lizzie) and the original post!

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog!

Answer the 6 questions!

Tag between 5-12 people! (this is the rule I broke, sorry Lizzie!)

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and thank you so much for reading, and for all your support in 2017!

Lots of Love,

Ella xxx




21 thoughts on “New Years Tag”

  1. We seniors, & the disabled were gotten out by school buses & we went north. Lucky we, & our 2 kitties were able to stay with our youngest son who lives in Prince George. He has 5 cats & a dog…..very interesting arguments went on under our bedroom door.

    Other evacuees were in billeted in motels, private homes, campers, tents……

    The Red Cross was terrific with funds for us all for food & housing.

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  2. Oh it was, & we were out of our home for 18 days, my hip was giving me big trouble so going for a walk was out of the question. My husband is waiting for his defib implant to be re-done as soon as the alarm goes & he was told 3 to 5 months last summer, so we’ve been waiting ever since. It has all been such a stressful time all around. Some fires are still burning, & we’re into next fire season come April…….sigh……..

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      1. We do too, but I will need the other hip done within a year or so according to the surgeon. At least once my husband’s implant is done, he’ll be fine for another 5 to 7 years.

        As for the fire danger, we can’t do much other than be packed & ready. Our province is mostly forestry.

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