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5 Rules I Want to Live By in 2018


2018 Rules

I’m not setting myself resolutions or goals for 2018, but there’s a few thing I’d like to do differently next year. I’ve come up with some rules I want to live my life by next year I thought by sharing them and making them public I’ll be more inclined to stick with them. Psychology tells us that by making thing public and sharing goals you’re actually more likely to stick to them. So here they are…

Rule 1: No Procrastination Allowed

Have all work completed at least 1 week before it’s due. Last year, I procrastinated a lot and let thing build up so I’m stressing at the last minute this year I want to try to have thing done in good time before they’re due. This is something I say every year and it never ends up happening, I’m already sceptical that this will happen.

Rule 2: No Complaining Allowed 

Stop Complaining about things I can’t change. British people love to complain, it’s kind of a part of our culture. I want to kick the habit, it achieves nothing and just creates this negative energy that I don’t need in my life.

Rule 3: Stop Making Assumptions 

I can spend a lot of time assuming what people are thinking, doing or feeling. Or just assuming how a situation might be. For example assuming someones upset with me just because they’ve been a bit quiet or assuming that I’m going to hate a situation because it’s outside my comfort zone. Assumptions are not facts and I’ve often misjudged situation just by making wrong assumptions, this is something I want to avoid in 2018.

Rule 4: Stop Neglecting Self-Care 

There were definitely point in 2017, where I let stress take over and it took a toll on my mental health. There were also times that I let things build up without taking a moment to myself. Next year, I want to make sure I’m sticking to things like meditation and yoga. I want to develop a healthy routine rather than having periods of relaxation then periods of stress.

Rule 5: Think before I say No

I want to more carefully think about why I’m saying no to an opportunity or why I’m avoiding certain situations. I’m going more carefully consider opportunities, and decide wether I’m saying no because I’m acting on fear or laziness, not because I genuinely don’t want to do something. I want to do more and do things that scare me, I want to get out of my comfort zone a little bit in 2018.

I hope everyone has a 2018, that sees positive changes for yourself!

Ella xxx



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