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Scrapbook Update

Way back when I started this blog I shared the front cover of my travel scrapbook, I’ve done quite a bit more since then, so I’m going to do a little update. If you would like to see the front cover you can check that post out Here.

New York Pages

The first three pages are from my year 10 school trip to New York which much be about four years ago now, which is crazy to think about. The first page is kind of an introduction page for the following pages. I used stamps and ink for the lettering, which I outlined with a metallic pen.


These two pages show the Guggenheim and in and around Times Square. For the art gallery page, I used a mix of different coloured paper for the background for a kind of modern art effect. The next page I used a sheet of plastic for the writing and sketched some of the buildings for decoration.


The next page is fairly basic, I was running low on craft supplies. I used my ticket from the sightseeing tour for decoration and tried to just fill the page with photographs.


Iceland Pages

For this page, I tried to create a kind of scenic background. I used coloured paper to make the mountains and used pastels to paint in the snow and add some texture. I cut out the photo of the church to fit it in between the photos. I used my boarding pass as the background.


This page documented the Icelandic landscape. I used colourful paper fro the background and also paper that shows maps landscape, which I coloured in with pastels. For the title I used a piece of material to add bit of a different texture and drew Iceland’s flag.


Rome Page

I only have one page for Rome because I didn’t have that many photo printed from the trip and all the photos are on my old laptop that I still haven’t got around to transferring to my new laptop. I used coloured paper as the base the added the Rome paper on top. I extended the sketch of the Colosseum on material, just to add something a bit extra really.


Copenhagen Pages

The next few pages are not completed as I need to get round to printing off the pictures. So, I have just done what I can do without the photos, for the introduction page I used a map of the city as the background. The photos are cut-out from guide books that I collected on the trip.


This page is going to document my trip to Christiansborg Palace. I used this beautiful glittery paper for the background then used the map of the palace to build on the background. I really loved the end effect this produced. IMG_1028

So that all the pages in my scrapbook so far, I still have lots more trip to document so hopefully there will be another update soon. I hope you enjoyed looking inside my scrapbook!

Thanks for reading,

Ella xxx


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