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So, Do Something

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit bored with life in general, sort of left with the feeling that I could be doing more with my life. It’s not that I don’t like my life it’s just I kind of feel like life gets repetitive an uneventful. I’ve kind of for a long time had this feeling that I’m on the edge of living a really exciting life, but never quite reaching. I don’t know whether this is me imagining a life that no one really lives. Does anyone really live a life that’s exciting all the time and filled with adventure? Or, have I just seen too many movies where people go on this amazing journey of self-discovery, which changes their whole perspective on life?

I don’t even know what a really exciting life would look like. But, I imagine it would be spontaneous, hedonistic and adventurous. It’s pretty hard to do spontaneous things when you have responsibilities (getting that degree that I’m paying £9000 a year for) and limited funds. I can’t just quit it all and go on a journey of self discovery.

I’ve often had the feeling of wanting to just droping and everything and leaving, just getting in a car and driving and seeing where I’d end up. Considering I failed my driving test and don’t even have a car that isn’t happening anytime soon. Also, where would I even go? I’d probably just end up in a service station, staying in a budget hotel for a night, which isn’t quite the incredible adventure I’ve had in mind.

All I know, is I want something to change. I recently binged watched The End of The F**cking World on Netflix at there’s this scene that just keeps getting stuck in my mind…


I don’t know why it stuck in my mind. It kind of just made me think yeah actually it is that simple: “do something”. You can just do something, you have the power at any moment to change things, you don’t have to be stuck constantly doing the same things or doing something you don’t like or living a life you don’t want to live.

Like I said I don’t dislike my life and honestly I think exams have got me down and in this state. But, I know I do want to do something. So, I can’t just quit uni and go on this amazing adventure I have in mind. I’m going to have to figure out little ways of mixing thing up in my everyday life. I want to do things like drawing and photography challenges, creative writing and going on more days out.

Not quite the same as dropping everything and going on this action pack adventure which changes my life that I fantasize about. I can start planning for when I graduate though. Maybe even getting something planned for over the summer.

Last year, I wanted to go to America for the summer and work in a summer camp. I soon realised though that I’d find this way too demanding, as I know doing this sort of thing is pretty intense. I wouldn’t have physically been able to cope see this post: Living With an Invisible Disability

I also had this fear that I’d hate it the whole time and want to leave. It’s this fear that I want to ditch. I’m set on either studying or working abroad after graduation, I’m not backing out. I’ve dreamed about living in Canada and more recently the Netherlands or Norway. I’ve also really want to go to Asia and I’ve always wanted to do an American road trip. There’s so much out there in the world to see, fear can’t hold me back from getting out there and seeing it. Although, I know I probably can’t do all the things I want to do and that things take time, money and a whole lot of planning.

All I know is that I’m doing something…

23 thoughts on “So, Do Something”

  1. We all feel that way sometimes, I’m sure.

    I try to do things within my own town that I don’t usually do to just change things some.

    I drive a mobility scooter, & I’m always varying my routes to not go the same way all the time.

    Try something you haven’t done before within your own sphere, I’m sure you haven’t done everything.

    Wild ongoing adventures are usually just in the movies, & fictional.

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    1. Yeah I think I need to just mix things up a bit really. I was thinking on going on walks to places I haven’t been to yet around uni or something like that.

      I think your right the wild adventures are mainly just fictional, movies have definitely given me an bit of an exaggerated sense of reality.

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      1. The phrase ”change of scenery” is quite true, & just a different walk sounds like a great idea.

        My city is very small & I can get around most of it by scooter, so I need to change my routes to not get bored here.

        Even stopping for a coffee or something in a place not usually gone to is a nice change.

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      2. It really is, sometimes just doing a small little change has such a big impact! I love the idea of just taking a different route for a change. A easy way to just be a bit spontaneous

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  2. I have to watch that show! I keep seeing it pop up here and there, it looks really good. I know what you mean about how you feel, I think everyone has been there. 🙂 p.s. if you end up doing the American road trip I’ll show you Kansas City!

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  3. I get what you mean, the monotony of it all gets me down some days too. But I do agree with your comment about films giving us a false sense of reality, like going on this big adventure will cure all these feelings and it might but I rarely find that to be true.
    Was a great read, thanks. Also going to binge watch this programme now x

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    1. Yeah, I think films definitely paint a picture of an exaggerated reality. Thank you for reading. You really should it’s so good! x

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  4. What a really encouraging post!

    Lots of people do live really exciting lives filled with adventure. It all depends how you define it. You certainly don’t need to go on a journey to achieve it, all you have to do to change your whole perspective on life is – change your whole perspective on life!

    Wanting something to change is the first step to changing. The second step, that scuppers most people – and I’m speaking from long experience here! – is having focused ideas rather than ineffectual wishes.
    The third step is believing you’re able to make your ideas happen.

    ‘I’ve often had the feeling of wanting to just droping and everything and leaving, just getting in a car and driving and seeing where I’d end up. Considering I failed my driving test and don’t even have a car that isn’t happening anytime soon. Also, where would I even go? I’d probably just end up in a service station, staying in a budget hotel for a night, which isn’t quite the incredible adventure I’ve had in mind.’

    If you stand back and look at this para you’ll see you’ve decided you’re bound to fail before you’ve started. So this could be an area to look at, in terms of what’s holding you back.

    But it really is as simple as just doing something.

    Planning is good too. I’d suggest making a list of all the things you’d love to do no matter how wacky and then making a list of all the things that would need to be in place to get there. Then look at whether these things are achievable and the time frame needed to get the skills/finances required. Do the easiest to start off with to give yourself confidence and then start planning how to acquire the skills/money for the rest.

    You could look at ways round things too. The American summer camp thing for example – could you have done it for a shorter period of time? Are there other ways of teaching children things in America that your health could cope with? Could you do something in England first as a test run – you may have underestimated your ability to cope.

    If you want to study abroad why not look at scholarships or bursaries that will help with this? What about an exchange programme with an American University? What about offering to host foreign students in your house over the summer if your contract allows it, or your family home. You might even get a small fee for doing this.

    You could follow a blog by a Canadian, Dutch or Norwegian who writes about their life to find out more.

    You say you want your life to be spontaneous, hedonistic and adventurous and that you’re held back by responsiblities and finance but spontaneity is a state of mind, a willingness to try new things and go out of your comfort zone.

    You *are* on the edge of living a really exciting life, you just have to step over the invisible line that you’ve created between it and you.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your plans for this!


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    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment with such great advice. I’m definitely going to look more into studying abroad, my university has a international experience year which I’m going to look into.

      You’re right spontaneity is state of mind, I’m going to take you up on your advice of making a list of all the things I want to do to get started!

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      1. I’m so pleased – good for you!

        Something I’ve found useful is replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘I need to’

        i,e.: I can’t do a life changing road trip because I can’t drive, have no car, have no money and too many responsibilities


        in order to do a life changing road trip I need to be able to drive, to have a car, have some money and cut down on my responsibilities

        then you flow chart it backwards in a similar way:

        in order to be able to drive I need to take my test again. In order to take my test again I need to improve those areas I failed in before.
        In order to do this I need to practice. In order to do this I need to get more lessons or find a friend with a car who will help. In order to do this I need to talk to my friends with cars.

        This gives you a whole plan of action with a very easy first step where all you have to do is follow the flow chart to achieve your goal.

        If you’re thinking you can’t afford the cost of the test then do the same thing. Seeing it as a fund-raising project for something not connected with you really helps.

        I need to raise £100.
        My bus fare to and from college every day is £5. If I walk to college instead and put this money in a jar I will have raised the money I need in four weeks.

        Best of luck!

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      2. That’s a really good way of looking at things. The things I want to do are definitely achievable, I just need to work out ways to make them happen.

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  5. Some ideas to get you started –

    Get a cheap bottle of prosecco, a tin of fruit and a bath bomb from Lush, then drink Mimosas in a scented flower filled bath before breakfast on a Monday.

    Go rock-climbing at an indoor centre.

    Learn calligraphy.

    Make gingerbread men and give them to passersby.

    Enter a writing competition.

    Talk to your friend on the phone whilst wearing a negligee and eating a box of chocolates with the most decadent centres you can find.

    Walk round the streets blindfold for at least three hours. (Have someone with you, obviously.)

    Get all your girlfriends to dress up in long frocks and go for afternoon tea at a hotel.

    Camp out in your back garden for a sleep-over with a difference.

    Go to the cinema and watch a classic black and white film on a rainy day.

    Eat out in a restaurant on your own. (More comfort zone points if it’s the evening)

    Learn to walk a tightrope.

    Get a friend and draw each other naked. (More comfort zone points if it’s a male friend. No points at all if it’s your boyfriend.)

    Wear rollerskates for the whole day round campus. Even in lectures.

    Learn to foxtrot.

    Spend a day at a stunt driving centre (don’t think you need a licence as it’s off road).

    Go to the park with a small child and take turns on the swings.

    Learn to rap.

    Get paid for a drawing or photograph you’ve done.

    Send an email to someone famous without being fan-girly.

    Grow mustard and cress to spell the most random word you can think of.

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