Day 7

So today’s the last day of my 7 day drawing challenge. The final challenge was to draw something that has to do with time.

My original idea was to draw an hourglass but then I came up with the idea of drawing trees in different seasons. I thought this would be a nice way of showing time passing and things changing.


I really love drawing trees and love how intricate the branches are with all the twists and turns.

I did another drawing of a tree after this one and I am deciding whether to add leaves or keep it as it is. I’ve stared adding a few but I’m not sure whether to rub them out.


I’ve really enjoyed drawing something new every week and trying to drawing things I wouldn’t usually draw. It’s been a nice way to keep me doing something creative. I’m going to carry on practicing things I find hard. I really want to commit to drawing one thing a week or at least starting something once a week.

Thank you so much for following my drawing challenge!

I hope you’ve had a creative week or challenged yourself in some way.

– Ella xxx

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