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Fatigue & Writer’s Block

I took a little break from blogging last week and wasn’t going to write anything today but I just wanted to try to get into the writing zone again. Last week, I was feeling a little bit uninspired and I just didn’t feel like writing anything. I was going to edit some of the drafts I have saved but it just didn’t feel genuine to write when I wasn’t feeling it. I’ve just felt a bit stuck on what to write about, every time I came up with an idea I kind of dismissed it and talked myself out of it.

I’ve been felt a bit unmotivated and stuck. I’m not sure what has caused this, but my fatigue has been quite bad recently and has made me just come home and go straight to bed and doing nothing. I think that has made it harder to write, I get stuck in a rut of doing nothing. My fatigue is also making me anxious about my work because I’m finding it harder to start my essays in between lectures when I feel so exhausted.

I’ve realised that I’m going to have to make changes to make things better and to feel better. I thought I’d share a list of changes I’m going to try to do to help. Maybe it will help someone who struggles with fatigue or is struggling with motivation.

  1. Going to bed earlier. This is a pretty obvious thing to do, I am definitely guilty of staying up too late, which could be one of the significant factors affecting my fatigue.
  2. Planning the day. I do find it hard to stick to schedules but I think it’ll help stop me doing nothing after lectures if I plan what time I’ll work and what time I’ll rest.
  3. Setting the day up right. I’m going to make sure I start the day as best I can, by setting up the day to be positive. I think I’ll write a separate post about what I’ll be doing differently.
  4. Timing my free-time. This is kind of part of sticking to a schedule but I’m going to set a timer for the amount of time I spend relaxing. For example, I’ll time an hour and then I have to do an hour of study instead. I’m not going to like doing this but I think it’ll help.
  5. Writing a line or more a day. I want to just jot down my thoughts before I go to sleep and wake up. I want to start and end the day actually doing something, rather than just checking my phone and aimlessly scrolling. This one is more to do with keeping me motivated to write than helping with the fatigue, but maybe doing something a bit more productive than staring at a phone will help me be more productive.
  6. Research. I’m going to really do some research on how to effectively manage chronic fatigue and make changes based on research. I haven’t really researched carefully how to manage fatigue, so doing this might really help.

I’m confident that with a little bit of change and motivation, I can feel a lot better than I currently do.

Thank you for reading,

Ella xxx

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20 thoughts on “Fatigue & Writer’s Block”

  1. I have fibromyalgia, which includes extreme fatigue, insomnia, and/or non-refreshing sleep. There is a lot of info online about things to try. As everyone is different, it takes patience & trial to find something that may help. I had fairly good luck with a herbal called Fibro-M by Organika. Don’t know if its in the UK, but might be worth looking at.

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    1. I’ve just been doing a bit of research and it said that fibromyalgia is very similar to my condition. So I’ll have a look for your recommendation, thank you so much for sharing and hope you’re well.

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  2. Thank you, much better than I used to be. The clumsies are still an issue though, & I am constantly dropping things, or walking into wall corners, etc., but it is what it is,
    The internet is terrific for looking things up & learning, rather than running to & from a library..

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    1. My condition can cause clumsiness too, which explained a lot when I actually got diagnosed. It really is there’s so much information and you can get advice and recommendations from others too.

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  3. It was kind of funny after my hip replacement & the dropping things. I was not to bend beyond 90* so was forever calling my husband to pick things up until I got a reacher/gripper to do it myself.
    Lots of good information to sort through which is why the net is better than trying to find books to borrow.

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    1. I haven’t actually but chronic fatigue is a symptom of my health condition, so I’ve always put it down to that. It could be worth getting tested for anaemia though, just to rule it out

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      1. Other things which can cause fatigue, which you can check during the same blood test, are B12/folate deficiency and coeliac disease (gluten).

        If you have tests, and it is one of those, treatment could help minimise the fatigue caused by your health condition. If it isn’t, then at least you know it probably is your health condition that’s causing the problems.

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  4. I’m really struggling with that ‘stuck’ feeling at the moment, with fatigue and brain fog making writing like pulling teeth! Some great tips here, and I hope you’re feeling more encouraged, inspired and less fatigued this week so you can take small steps towards what you want to do 🙂
    Caz x

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