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Crafting My Blog

My very first blog post was way back in 2016. I didn’t really know what I was doing and got overwhelmed with all the themes and design bit so gave it up after about 2 posts. I think I was also a bit conscious about what others may think about me blogging.  Then in about October of last year, thought about my old forgotten blog and just decided to log on again.

I just started this blog with the intention of just posting my art projects and nothing else. Since then, it has kind of changed a bit, I post things about life, psychology and just general blurts of thought. A part of me wasn’t really sure whether my blog name fit my blog. I thought about changing it and I honeslty thought it just didn’t fit my posts well, but then I thought that craft isn’t just ‘arts and craft’. There is also this idea of an authors craft. Writers use tools, skills and techniques to craft their work, carefully crafting together each sentence. This is something my English teacher used to say a lot, he used ask us if we could see how authors carefully crafted each sentence of a story.

annelies-geneyn-148582-unsplash Annelies Geneyn

If you think about it even further, we are also day by day crafting our lives. Using skills to progress, learning new tools to deal with situations and developing techniques to solve problems. Craft is actually such a broad word that can be used to describe loads of situations and just because my blog is called “Craft Up Your Life” doesn’t mean I need to feel pressured to post just art and craft posts.

Overtime, I have crafted my blog changed it’s theme, style of posts and I’ve seen it grow, which I honestly never thought would happen. I thought I’d just be writing for myself, so I honestly love and appreciate that others read my blog and take the time to like or comment. I’m going to keep on crafting my blog and taking time to carefully craft each post, so as it turns out “Craft Up Your Life” might actually be a perfect name for my blog.

Thank you so much for reading this kind of random rambling. I just wanted to reflect a bit and write.

Ella xxx

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8 thoughts on “Crafting My Blog”

  1. Don’t give up! I am a professional writer and had an unsuccessful blog a feew years ago. I write for other people’s blogs all the time and make them a lot of money, so I recently started my new blog. So far, it is going much better this time around.

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    1. Thank you, I won’t I’ve really enjoyed watching my blog grow and I’m looking forward to continuing with it further. Thank you for commenting and Good luck with your blog!

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    1. I know what you mean, when I started my posts were kind of all over the place. One I got more into blogging I found what I enjoyed and planned my post better, you’ll definitely find your quirk it just takes time!

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