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Focusing on Flowers

I always find myself drawn to flowers, I love doing close up photography and capturing tiny details you miss at just a glance. It’s been surprisingly warm in the UK the past few weeks. Often our summer consists of the odd nice day and a lot of grey. It just seems that at least where I live this summer has started unusually sunny.

I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting outside and I was just looking at all the flowers in the garden and just decided to get my camera out and try to practice shooting close up shots.

The first flower I focused on was this small little white one, I’m not sure of it’s name (let me know if you know). I think these were some of my favourite photo’s I took that day.

I love how this photo has captured the tiny lines on the petals that you wouldn’t normally notice.
I tired taking this photo from an angle that’s underneath the flower, to get the colour contrast with the green trees and blue sky.
I really liked how this light in this flower almost looks like it’s making the flower glow and how the photo captured the tiny details on the stem.
I really love the cluster of the flowers in this photo and how they stretch across the green background.

The next few photos all focus on these pink flowers which again I’m not sure what they’re called (let me know if you do). I just tired getting photo’s of them from different angles and with different focus points.




Finally, I managed to get some photo’s of bees, I’ve taken a few pictures of bees before and shared them way back in one of my first post (Nature Photography). I managed to get a few more photo’s. I love it when I manage to get a photo of bees, I think they’re such interesting creatures.


It’s kind of hard to spot the bee at first but if you look closely you can see it poking out from the blue flower right next to my dog’s nose.

I really enjoyed taking these photo’s and I want to try to more photography over the summer and try to improve my skills and learn some new techniques. I’ll try to share as much a I can.

I have also made a photography page on my blog, just so things are all in one place. I know most of you probably read blogs in the reader, but I’ve recently given my blog a bit of a makeover and changed the theme so if you’d like you could check that out.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ella xxx

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