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Cute Halloween Pinterest Craft

Today post is all about when I tried out a really cute Halloween craft. I know not everyone celebrates Halloween. So I just wanted to say that this craft is really versatile and you can turn it into an autumn craft instead if you’d like.

Pinterest is the go-to place to find any sort of craft activity. However, Pinterest crafts are often notoriously bad and can kind of suck. They’re often too complicated or just don’t work all that well. You can find yourself scrolling for ages but never actually making anything.

But then I stumbled across one I had to try it. It seemed so simple, cheap and so quick to do. It’s literally just painting some old vases black to transform them into a cute decoration.

I couldn’t find the original craft website (the link took me to an unrelated webpage), but you can check out the original picture on my Arts/Crafts Board on Pinterest.

The Cost 

I went to a charity shop to buy the old vase and found one costing £3. I picked one with a slightly rough surface so the paint would stick well.

I bought acrylic paint from The Works (a UK only store). The acrylic paint cost £2. I was impressed with the quality, it was smooth and had a lovely matt finish.

I had to buy paint brushes (from The Works) because I’m back at uni so didn’t have any. They cost £5 for a set of three. Like the paint, they were of a good quality.

Total Cost: £10 (if you already have the paint and brushes it’s just £2-3 for the vase/pot).

I split the cost with my friend so I actually only ended up spending £5. So if you want to keep the cost down, consider getting some friends round, splitting the cost and doing this together.

The Process

There’s not much to it really just start painting your pot, it may need a couple of layers and try to keep the brushstrokes in one direction. If you want to make an autumn themed one instead, switch the black paint for an autumnal colour like burgundy or burnt orange. Obviously, don’t forget to listen to a Halloween or Autumn playlist while you’re working.

Halloween Craft
We protected the table with Dominoes bags. While it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing table covering it’s cheap and practical.

The Result and Finishing Touches

I think the result alone is actually pretty good, but I you want to fill your vase with Halloween themed flowers. We went for red and purple flowers for a kind of gothic vibe and got them really cheaply from Lidl.  You could also paint an old bowl and fill it with some Halloween sweets instead.


I hope you liked this post, it’s so much more satisfying to make a few of your own decorations for celebrations. I hope this post has given you some inspiration and you make something this season.

Hope you’re having a lovely October,

Ella xxx

5 thoughts on “Cute Halloween Pinterest Craft”

  1. This is actually so cool!! I feel like I need to get on Pinterest now. For someone like me that loves spooky stuff all year round, this is actually really nice to just have as a house decoration hahaha. You should do more Pinterest craft posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, I feel like I’m just going to keep the vase in my room all year haha. I’m going to try to test out some more crafts at some point rather than just scrolling and saving them.


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