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Autumn Photography

Autumn is such a lovely season to try to capture in a photograph, with all the changing colours and beautiful contrasts. I actually take a lot of photos just out in my garden and focus on taking close up shots of all things nature related. I recently went back home from uni for some appointments and while I was home, I really wanted to capture how the season had changed my garden. So thought I’d share some of my favourites shots today.

Changing Leaves

My main focus was on the changing leaves, I took these back in late September so they were taken when the leaves were just starting to change. I liked that I was able to capture the transition between Summer and Autumn.


Autumn Leaves


Autumn Leaves

Dashes of Red

As these were taken back in late September there were still some flowers and bugs about that you don’t see later in the season. I love how the vibrant red contrasts with the other photo’s I took.



All these photos were just taken on my I phone 6s, as I didn’t take my camera back home. You really don’t always need a DSLR to get some nice photos, it’s all about having a go.

Have you done any photography this season? If you like tell me about in the comments or leave a link to a blog post you made about it.

Thank you so much for reading. I’ve missed the last two weeks of uploading because I’ve had a bit of a busy October but now I’ll hopefully be back to posting every Wednesday.

Ella xxx

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