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What I got up to in October

When a month ends, I always find myself scrolling back through the photo’s on my phone. Reminding myself of what I did in the month gone by. I realised I don’ think I’ve ever done a kind of month in review kind of post. I think it would be nice to document the things I did each month on this blog. So I might start (if I remember to), writing a post just sharing a review of each month. So here’s what I got up to this October…

Decorating my Uni Room

So I moved back to university in September but started making my room look nice in October. I’m still in the process of drawing pictures for the walls. I decided that Instead of buying new posters. I’d try to just print things out or draw since I’m only here a year so there’s no point buying lots of new stuff. I’m going to hopefully do a whole uni room tour at some point. So I’ll just include one photo for now.


A Trip to the Coast

Okay so technically, I don’t need to take a trip to the coast. My university is already on the coats but they don’t really have a beach that you can go down on to. So I and my friends visited a nearby town and walked down to the beach. I’d love to say this was the only purpose of the trip but we always went shopping because the town has a Primark and our uni town doesn’t.

A Trip to the Pier

As I mentioned my uni doesn’t have a beach but it does have a pier, that me and my friends like to just go and walk along. The pier gives you a lovely view of the nearby mountains. I honestly have so many pictures from the pier but every time I go I just end up taking more.


A nearby town to my uni had a big fireworks display on the seafront which I went to with friends. I didn’t expect the display to be so busy and big there were loads of people and the fireworks were pretty great. Fireworks never really photograph all that well but, I’ll put one photo that nowhere captures how nice they were.


Trip to London

The big thing I did this month was visiting my sister down in London. I went down to go to a First Aid Kit concert. If you haven’t heard of First Aid Kit they’re two sisters from Sweden who make kind of indie folk music. They have such beautiful voices and honestly, you should really check them out if you like that kind of music.

The show was absolutely amazing! I think it’s the best concert I’ve ever been to and really want to see them again at some point. The show was Halloween night so they were dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz which was really cool and even opened the show with ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. I love the Wizard of Oz, so it made the show even more special. Plus we were able to get right to the front because me and my sister both had O2 priority.

October was such an amazing month! With so many amazing memories, I think November will be a month of doing loads of uni work because I have assignment deadlines in December.

I hope you had a lovely October too and feel free to share some of the things you’ve been up to in the comments.

Thanks for reading,

Ella xxx

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