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Overcoming a Creative Block

Last month I was just about ready to quit blogging. I felt so uninspired and stuck and I began to spiral into negativity. I kept on having such negative thoughts about my blog. Thoughts like: Why are you even doing this? Let’s face it no one actually cares about your blog? Isn’t it kind of a waste of time? The thoughts were stopping me writing, putting me off even logging into WordPress.

May the flowers remind usWhy the rain was so necessary

I had the whole summer free and posted absolutely nothing for the whole of it. I was ready to make my blog private and be done with it. I started to write a post, explaining that my I was going to completely stop blogging. Then something happened, as I started to type, I realised how much I loved simply writing and how much I’d missed not having a place to write and share things. I began to reconsider. I decided rather than quitting I was going to make some changes and see what happened. Since making these changes I feel so inspired and creative not only on my blog but also in everyday life.

I just really wanted to share the changes I made because I know how easy it is to get stuck in a mental and creative block. So wanted to share how I managed to overcome mine.

Making a Commitment

I think on of the biggest thing that initially helped me get out of my block was committing to do something creative. I set myself a challenge to publish one post that had been sitting in my drafts. That one post actually ended up becoming the first part to my Psychology of Colour blog series. Once I committed, sat down and started to type ideas just began to flow. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to write anything down. If you manage to do it without judgement or expectation, things will just start to flow. It might not be your best piece of work, it might only be a sentence but just committing to trying is a great start. Just set aside a time to fully dedicate to focus on what you want to achieve creatively.

Making a Commitment
Letting Go

I decided to acknowledge then let go of my negative thoughts. So for example, if I found myself thinking: Is this post even going to be good? I would simply acknowledge the thought and let it go. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, read by a lot of people or not read by a single person. The point is I’m doing something. I’m learning something, I’m practising writing, I’m creating a piece of work. Focusing on the truth of what I was doing really helped with stopping myself become consumed by negative thoughts.



A tool that allowed me to better focus on letting thoughts go was mindfulness. I found that starting mindfulness meditation helped me be in the present moment. I was able to apply the skills of mindfulness to my creative activities. I began to enjoy each creative activity as it unfolded, moment by moment. I wasn’t thinking ahead to what the result might look like or anyone will read my post after I press publish. I just enjoyed what I was doing and accepted whatever came from it. I focused purely on each moment of writing and creating.

These three changes are ones that I keep sticking to. I keep making a commitment of aiming to post once a week; I keep myself aware of negative thought patterns and chose to let go; I stay mindful and aim to practice mindfulness meditation every day.

I am in a really positive mindset regarding blogging and creativity and I really do put it down to these changes. I hope that if you’ve been stuck in a creative block that by sharing my changes I may have given you some insight into the change you might need to make.

Wishing you nothing but endless creativity,

Ella xxx

6 thoughts on “Overcoming a Creative Block”

  1. Oh man, I go through this about every week! Quitting is always an attractive idea for writers. So much of what we do requires digging in and digging deep ALL THE TIME, and that can be exhausting. Some days you soar, most days you slog. Commitment is definitely the name of the game.

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    1. Yeah you’re right commitment is honestly the most important thing but also you have to be okay with taking a break sometimes. Having time away can really help when you’re stuck.

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