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Focus on Giving

Okay so I haven’t done a single post about Christmas this year and honestly, I haven’t felt the complete joy I usually feel around this time. I think each year as you get older you can see how much Christmas has really been taken over by consumerism. You also become more aware of the sadness that surrounds Christmas.

Christmas for many is sadly not a joyful time. There are just so many people that are struggling everyday and Christmas is no exception for them. There’s something sad about knowing that while you’re celebrating and living your best life so many people are left out and suffering. There’s also sadly still awful things happening to our world with the destruction of our environment. While you definitely can’t help everyone who is suffering doing something to give something back is better than nothing at all.

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I’ve decided to for this year put together a list of some ways to give back, I’ve tried my best to also include things that don’t cost a lot because I know it’s not always possible for people to give financially.

Free Ways of Giving Back

free ways to give back
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I understand that volunteering takes up time and not everyone may feel comfortable or able to this but if you can volunteering for a day it is a great way of giving back. One great thing that you could do is volunteer for a charity like Age UK or a befriending service, as so many older people are lonely this time of year.

Reach out to People

If you know someone that’s been going through a hard time give them a call or ask if you can call in. Christmas can be particularly hard for people who are suffering and now more than ever they’d be grateful for a friend to talk things through with.

Go on a Petition Signing Spree

There are so many petitions for amazing causes that you could just sign online in one click. The biggest sites in the UK for doing this are and the UK Government Petitions Site the UK government will respond to petitions over 10,000 on this site.

Give away old Toys or Clothes

Most people have things that they don’t need anymore and it’s more than likely that there are people out there that really need them. One way to give back is by sorting through these old things and giving them to a charity shop, clothes bank, toy collection or homelessness charity.

Be more Environmentally Conscious

The planet really needs a lot of help right now and you can make a small difference by putting the environment as a priority. Why not make being more environmentally conscious one of your new year’s resolutions; reduce your plastic waste, the amount you buy and try to use your car less next year if possible.

Ways of Giving Back that Cost


Photo: Kat Yukawa

Donating Money to Charity

This may be a bit of an obvious one but Christmas is a great time to try to give what you can to charity. There are so many amazing charities for just about any cause you want to give to, take some time researching your favourites and give some money to them.

Buy Food for a Person Living on the Streets

I understand why not everyone feels comfortable giving change to the homeless but instead, why not buy some food to give instead or even a supermarket gift card with a small amount of money on it. You could also buy a sleeping bag or hat and gloves.

Knit for Charity

There are lots of charities that for need people to knit things for them such as blanket squares or gifts to sell and raise money. Here’s a UK website that lists all the projects and charities looking for charities to knit for them: UK Hand Knitting

Give to Someone’s Go Fund Me

If you want to give money to a more personal cause giving a bit to someones go fund me is a great way of giving back and being able to make it a bit more personal.

Give to your Local Food Bank

In the UK sadly more and more people are having to rely on food banks and they really are being pushed to the limit. Buying some cheap extra food items then dropping them off at the food bank really is really easy especially as many supermarkets have food banks in store.

This year I really want to knit for charity, donate old clothes, give to a food bank and donate to someones go fund me. I know it’s not possible to do everything but finding a small way of giving back is really important not just this time of year but any time of the year.

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  1. Buying food for homeless people is a great idea! If you’re feeling generous, just taking a homeless person to a restaurant of their choice and paying for their food/ordering delivery for them would be good too and you can purchase a more affordable option!

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