Why it’s okay to just stop

I could have written a post today talking all about why I haven’t been blogging for months. But why? I’ve come to realise there is no explanation needed. It’s okay to stop blogging for a while without an explanation or reason. The truth is no one really cares that you’ve not been blogging as much as you do. Whenever I take a blogging break the one thing that actually extends my break is thinking about what to say when I come back. I feel I owe an explanation not only to others but also to myself.

Choosing to commit to keeping a blog is a big step and it comes with some big positives and big negatives. One of the biggest things I’ve struggled with is overthinking everything I write about. In life, I’m an overthinker and it’s only natural this extends to blogging. It’s something that weighs me down, stops me posting and keeps me away from blogging again when I haven’t posted for a while. So I’ve decided to be okay with just stepping away, accepting that my posts are irregular and that my views are nowhere near consistent. I’m learning that it’s okay to just stop.

I started blogging simply for me, I never expected anyone to actually read. Obviously, I’m so grateful to anyone that does but blogging is still for me a personal thing. So I don’t need to be consistent; share every post to social media or write with an audience in mind. I just need to write for me.

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