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Why I need to care more about climate change

The U.K. recently went through a period of unusually warm weather. Spring appeared to have come much too early. The cherry blossom is blooming and the sun was brightly shining. On first glance, it would have simply looked like a beautiful first spring day, but it wasn’t spring, it was February.

Cherry Blossom

I couldn’t shake this unnerving feeling that something wasn’t right. Especially considering the same time last year the U.K. temperatures were below freezing. I couldn’t help but think of the effect the freakishly warm temperatures were having on our plants and wildlife I started to research and learn (read this article for more insight). I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m some sort of eco-warrior. I know I don’t do enough for environmental causes. I’m painfully aware of my denial and ignorance, but at least I’m aware.

I try my best when possible to consider my environmental impact and most importantly I care about our planet. I think about the devastating impact climate change will have on future generations and I want to help. I have to be better.

Most importantly, I want our governments to prioritise tackling global warming and put it as a critical priority. Recently, thousands of U.K. students walked out of school, college, university to protest against the government’s lack of action over climate change. This was part of a global movement by YouthStrike4Climate. Today there is a global strike here’s the link to the Strike4Youth facebook page. So take a look if you’re interested in learning more about the action young people have been taking to get leaders to prioritise global warming. Also, follow @GretaThunberg on twitter. She is the amazing 16-year-old activist who started the whole movement; by deciding to strike from school every Friday to protest. She has now been nominated for a noble peace prize for climate activism.  

Focusing on Change

I know it can be hard to hear about climate change but we need to recognise that it’s so important, to speak up and take action. I want this to feel like a positive post and I hope these photos represent a process of change. The change of the seasons, climate change and striving for a positive change for our planet. Our world is so beautiful we all need to be advocates for its future and all the innocent people that live on earth.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom


Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 9.21.36 am.png
Image Source: World Economic Forum

Thanks as always for reading.

Ella xxx


3 thoughts on “Why I need to care more about climate change”

  1. Also, have you heard about the Summer snows in China? On some of the hottest days of Chinese Summer, they had pretty unusual snowfall, that to the Chinese it’s supposed to mean they have done wrong, or been wronged, or something. Anyway, you might have already heard of this, but it pretty interesting/weird. I wouldn’t really consider myself an environmentalist, but it just makes common sense to care for the world we live on…. I really dig your blog too. Keep it up, it’s awesome.

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