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Landscape Photography

I’ll be honest I struggle with getting out much. I spend wayyy too long binge-watching Netflix, blogging, scrolling Twitter, YouTube e.c.t….  To cut it short I spend too much time on my laptop. My chronic illness doesn’t always make it easy to get out into nature and enjoy the beauty of the world. However, I’m making a commitment to get out whenever I feel like it. I’m trying to get out more into nature and really appreciate our world.

Menai Strait
Cute little boat, making its way downtown, minding its own business

One thing that helps me is deciding to do more photography. I love nature photography and I just don’t do enough of it. My uni is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and I haven’t always made the most of it. Since I’m in my final semester and time’s kinda running out, I am pushing myself to do the things that I would usually avoid.




While at uni, I basically only walked around the corner with my friend and photographed a landscape I’d never bothered to. Then, I tried picking different focus points, for example, the pretty yellow flowers.


I tend to take a lot of photos and pick the best. I also like to see what’s happening around and pick any interesting subjects.

I really like how this photo captured the almost curved shape of the clouds.

Usually, I don’t edit any of my photo’s but this time I edited the photo above and it turned out pretty well. I don’t personally love overly edited photo’s (unless for stylistic effect), which is why I usually avoid it. However, it’s fun to have a play around and I’m going to try to edit a bit more.

Thanks for checking out this post.  If you’d like to let me know in the comments which photo’s you liked the best or how you like to spend time in nature.

Ella xxx

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