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Why do we love the virtual world?

Why do so many people want to spend all day living their normal lives then get on a game and basically do the same thing virtually? The whole concept of both these games simply reflect real-life; you even have to get a job in The Sims to make money and in Animal Crossing you work in your village or island to pay off debt to a pixilated raccoon.


It’s all about the dream and expressing creativity. Our society isn’t set up to allow everyone to build their own dream there are so many experiences that can prevent people fulfilling their potential. Racism, Sexism, Ableism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Poverty, Childhood Trauma the list is honestly endless. These oppressions exist to stop human’s coming together collaboratively and putting a stop to Capitalism. Creating devisions between people who are trying to survive in a system that simply cannot exist without worker exploitation. 

Even people that ‘work hard’ and manage to build the “American Dream” have to sacrifice connections with their families and partners as they often work such long hours.

I honestly cannot understand how even the most powerful and wealthy people can be satisfied with their lives. I could not think of anything worse than losing my compassion in this world. Putting hard-working people on 0-hour contracts due to the pandemic or simply making them redundant all so I don’t have to sell my holiday home in Marbella or my second Super Yacht. Greed is a toxin that seeps into your heat slowly the excessive need for more will rob you of all compassion and connection.

Happiness Quote

Don’t let it. Build your own life with compassion, empathy and a desire to explore this world and live how you want. You don’t need more things you just need to be clear on what you really enjoy and dedicate yourself to that.

With a passion for your ethical work and huge compassion for yourself and others you can do whatever you want to. Plus you won’t need to escape to the virtual world because your everyday will be just as fun. 

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