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Self-care when you’re ill…

I’m chronically ill and I know at the moment there is no cure so basically I’m never 100% well. I have no idea what it’s like to be a healthy 23 year old and honestly I’m find with that. I’ve accepted my condition and found ways to cope. Yet there is still a small and sometimes growing part of me that wants to push myself to my absolute limits. I’m someone who is passionate about a lot of things and want to go and experience everything, but I have a body that lets me down.

What is this obsession with ‘pushing through illness’, well it’s nothing but Ableism. Or society needs people to function to make the money of the world go around. Under a capitalist system people have to keep working to make a living and survive. Framing out minds to “push through and work hard”, starts way back in school when teachers reward students for 100% attendance. Imagine how much less infections and illness would break out in schools if children were actually encourage to understand their bodies and make their own choice on whether to attend school. Maybe we should encourage them to pause and heal for a while?

The fact is we’re all just human. Anyone at anytime can get sick, it’s not selfish to heal from illness. You deserve that day off, to rest. Not to work at home and use up mental energy. It’s perfectly fine to lay around all day with your thoughts and rest. After all that’s what animals do in nature. Of course being able to even take one day off is often a privilege and it’s not always a choice. So if you have to push through at least remember to show yourself so much kindness and self-compassion, don’t beat yourself up for being ‘unproductive’.

We don’t exist in this world to be productive we exist to simply experience life.

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