Welcome to The Isle of Ella,

My little blogging island where I write about pretty much anything and everything I want.

Blog Themes

I guess the main blog themes are creativity, lifestyle and chronic illness. I love anything creative and sometimes share my drawings, crafts and photography. My blog has always been my creative outlet and it was originally titled ‘Craft Up Your Life’. I picked that name when I was 16 and I’m 21, now so just sort of grew out of it.  However, now my blog is mainly me sharing my perspective on the things that matter to me so it needed a name change.

A little bit more personal…

I’m from the UK, and I’m a recent Psychology Graduate. I am also a qualified Early Years Practitioner. I previously studied Childcare and Education at college so I have a real passion for Education. I have two chronic illnesses called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: Hypermobile Type (hEDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS). I sometimes use my blog to raise awareness of my conditions and blog about living with a chronic illness.


Views shared on this blog do not reflect my employer or previous employers, or former educational institutions.