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Self isolating…

Recently, despite my sister being double vaccinated she tested positive for covid-19 (she's fine and has since tested negative). However, that meant 10 day of self isolating for the whole family. Honestly, the idea being fully locked in my childhood home without even the occasional trip to the shop was overwhelming. I love my family… Continue reading Self isolating…

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Self-care when you’re ill…

I'm chronically ill and I know at the moment there is no cure so basically I'm never 100% well. I have no idea what it's like to be a healthy 23 year old and honestly I'm find with that. I've accepted my condition and found ways to cope. Yet there is still a small and… Continue reading Self-care when you’re ill…

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Landscape Photography

I'll be honest I struggle with getting out much. I spend wayyy too long binge-watching Netflix, blogging, scrolling Twitter, YouTube e.c.t....  To cut it short I spend too much time on my laptop. My chronic illness doesn't always make it easy to get out into nature and enjoy the beauty of the world. However, I'm making… Continue reading Landscape Photography

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Why I need to care more about climate change

The U.K. recently went through a period of unusually warm weather. Spring appeared to have come much too early. The cherry blossom is blooming and the sun was brightly shining. On first glance, it would have simply looked like a beautiful first spring day, but it wasn't spring, it was February. I couldn't shake this… Continue reading Why I need to care more about climate change

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An Honest Uni Reflection

The past few months have felt a little strange. Things have felt super rushed but at the same time really slow. My exams fall after Christmas and last for a two week period. Then it's straight into new modules. So there's not much breathing room between exams and modules. I honestly feel I haven't had… Continue reading An Honest Uni Reflection

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Overcoming a Creative Block

Last month I was just about ready to quit blogging. I felt so uninspired and stuck and I began to spiral into negativity. I kept on having such negative thoughts about my blog. Thoughts like: Why are you even doing this? Let's face it no one actually cares about your blog? Isn't it kind of a waste… Continue reading Overcoming a Creative Block